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    State/Local Affiliate Ranking

    View the team rankings below. Only the top 100 will be displayed.

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    Limit search to State/Local Affiliates that are accepting new members from the public.

    Click on the State/Local Affiliate or State for more information:
     Indicates State/Local Affiliate is accepting new members from the public.
     State/Local Affiliate NameAffiliate LeaderState NameState/Local Affiliate TotalMembers Recruited
    Nevada StateNevada AffiliateNevada$200.0010
    California StateCalifornia AffiliateCalifornia$125.0041
    Texas StateTexas AffiliateTexas$100.0032
    Alabama StateAlabama AffiliateAlabama$50.006
    Florida StateFlorida AffiliateFlorida$50.0043
    New York StateNew York AffiliateNew York$50.0026
    Pennsylvania StatePennsylvania AffiliatePennsylvania$40.0017
    Illinois StateIllinois AffiliateIllinois$10.0013
    Alaska StateAlaska AffiliateAlaska$0.001
    Arizona StateArizona AffiliateArizona$0.0014
    Arkansas StateArkansas AffiliateArkansas$0.002
    Colorado StateColorado AffiliateColorado$0.005
    Connecticut StateConnecticut AffiliateConnecticut$0.004
    Delaware StateDelaware AffiliateDelaware$0.001
    District of ColumbiaDC AffiliateDistrict of Columbia$0.0024
    Georgia StateGeorgia AffiliateGeorgia$0.0018
    Hawaii StateHawaii AffiliateHawaii$0.001
    Idaho StateIdaho AffiliateIdaho$0.002
    Indiana StateIndiana AffiliateIndiana$0.005
    Iowa StateIowa AffiliateIowa$0.004
    Kansas StateKansas AffiliateKansas$0.001
    Kentucky StateKentucky AffiliateKentucky$0.002
    Louisiana StateLouisiana AffiliateLouisiana$0.006
    Maine StateMaine AffiliateMaine$0.002
    Maryland StateMaryland AffiliateMaryland$0.0010
    Massachusetts StateMassachusetts AffiliateMassachusetts$0.0010
    Michigan StateMichigan AffiliateMichigan$0.006
    Minnesota StateMinnesota AffiliateMinnesota$0.002
    Mississippi StateMississippi AffiliateMississippi$0.001
    Missouri StateMissouri AffiliateMissouri$0.007
    Montana StateMontana AffiliateMontana$0.001
    Nebraska StateNebraska AffiliateNebraska$0.001
    New Hampshire StateJoseph BowmasterNew Hampshire$0.002
    New Jersey StateNew Jersey AffiliateNew Jersey$0.008
    New Mexico StateNew Mexico AffiliateNew Mexico$0.002
    North Carolina StateNorth Carolina AffiliateNorth Carolina$0.0014
    North Dakota StateNorth Dakota AffiliateNorth Dakota$0.002
    Ohio StateOhio AffiliateOhio$0.0016
    Oklahoma StateOklahoma AffiliateOklahoma$0.006
    Oregon StateOregon AffiliateOregon$0.001
    Rhode Island StateRhode Island AffiliateRhode Island$0.002
    South Carolina StateSouth Carolina AffiliateSouth Carolina$0.005
    South Dakota StateSouth Dakota AffiliateSouth Dakota$0.002
    Tennessee StateTennessee AffiliateTennessee$0.008
    Utah StateUtah AffiliateUtah$0.001
    Vermont StateVermont AffiliateVermont$0.001
    Virginia StateVirginia AffiliateVirginia$0.0019
    Washington StateWashington AffiliateWashington$0.0017
    West Virginia StateWest Virginia AffiliateWest Virginia$0.002
    Wisconsin StateWisconsin AffiliateWisconsin$0.006
    Wyoming StateWyoming AffiliateWyoming$0.001
      Indicates State/Local Affiliate is accepting new members from the public.


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    GOProud is a national organization of gay and straight Americans seeking to promote freedom by supporting free markets, limited government, and a respect for individual rights. We work on the state and federal levels to build strong coalitions of conservative and libertarian activists, organizations and policy makers to advance our shared values and beliefs.

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